About Us

We fly to support the work our Canadian rescue organizations do every day for abused, abandoned and injured animals.We transfer both wildlife and companion animals that have been abandoned, abused, injured or just needing a larger population in which to find adoption.  Working hand-in-hand with the animal welfare organization(s) to give Canadian animals a second chance at new beginnings.

(Our priority is for animals of Canadian origin.)

We are able to offer domestic air transport through either;

  • Private pilots who donate their time, small personal aircraft and costs associated with the flight.   These private flights are usually approximately 600 – 700 kms (one-way).  It is possible to arrange flights in a relay fashion, in some instances, to cover a greater distance;  and
  • PETSCORTS:  people traveling on commercial airlines who are willing to add a rescue animal, at no cost to them, to their ticket.  PETSCORTS are used for multi-province and more challenging routes (over the Rockies, across the Gulf of St. Lawrence).