PNPC Animal Rescue is comprised 100% of volunteers

General aviation pilots volunteer their time and aircraft to 'fly the missions'

Transport coordinators volunteer their skills and time to arrange the missions


Graphic artists & designers

Event representatives

Administration and accounting

Web & Forum management

In-transit fosters

Ground transporters (mainly short distance to local airports)


Our Transport Coordinators:


Western Canada:  Shelly  (shelly@pnpcanimalrescue.ca)

Eastern Canada:

Quebec:  Marc-Alexandre (marc-alexandre@pnpcanimalrescue.ca)

Quebec:  Caroline  (caroline@pnpcanimalrescue.ca)

Ontario:  Louise (louise@pnpcanimalrescue.ca)

Eastern Canada:  Deanna (deanna@pnpcanimalrescue.ca)


Vicky (pnpc.petscort@gmail.com)

Janice (janice@pnpcanimalrescue.ca)